UM BRIDGES Trainees Present Their Research at UM’s GradCon

UM BRIDGES trainees will be presenting their research on Friday, February 22 during the University of Montana’s Graduate Conference (GradCon).


UC Room 332

10:40 Adam Snitker – Exploring knowledge in periods of drought: Understanding how producers use, exchange, and regard local and expert knowledge


UC Room 330

11:00 Kristin Sleeper – Tribal Water Rights and Water Conflicts in Montana

11:20 Luke Fisher – Estimating Erosion and Validating Sediment Yield Models in the Magdalena River Basin, Colombia

11:40 Anne Harney – Identifying the Capacities for Resilience on the Fairfield Bench, Montana: A Case Study

1:30 Brian Stampe – An investigation into wheat’s vulnerability in the western U.S.

1:50 Nick Thiros – Investigating the Use of Environmental Chemical Tracer Concentrations to Reduce the Uncertainty of Modeled Groundwater Flow and Transport in a Fractured Rock System

2:10 Jordan Gilbert – Modeling spatial and temporal variability of sediment balance across a southern California watershed


5-6 pm, UC North Ballroom – Poster Presentations

Kaitlin Perkins – Investigating the size, distribution, and associations of contaminants in the Upper Clark Fork River, Montana